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B&K TEST for I-DEAS 6.6r1

B&K TEST for I-DEAS 6.6r1
File size: 3.0 GB

TEST for I-DEAS program for simulation of noise and vibration propagation in the NX I-DEAS software environment. All measurement tasks are supported including Stationary Processing, Transient Processing and Sine Measurements.

What is Test for I-DEAS
whatistestforideasConvenient and powerful noise and vibration and DSA (Dynamic/Digital Signal Analysis) software solution
Intuitive, easy to use, wizards / toolbars / icons based GUI
Customizable layout, toolbars, pull-down menus and user-defined commands
Offers a broad scope of noise and vibration application functionality
Supports powerful tools for Acoustics and Modal test
Provides 3D graphs and animation capabilities in test and analysis reports
User programmable Tasks
Test for I-deas capabilities
Data Acquisition - Support for multiple hardware frontends, including VXI, VTI EMX, Brüel & Kjær LAN-XI. Full List
Signal Generation - to drive shakers or other sources. Includes Random, Burst Random, Sine and user defined waveform.
Transducer Calibration - multiple methods including drop, mass, and reference.
Time history editing - across single or multiple channels.
Signal Processing - Windowing, FFT, single and multi-function operations. Function graphing. Cut paste live function displays to MS Office.
Modal Testing - Calculation of Mode Indicator functions, multiple curve fitters, including polyreference. Cut paste live mode shape displays to MS Office.
Transient Post Processing - For analysis of signals that change over time.
Order Tracking - for rotating machinery, display spectra based on order. Interactive Slice tool for rapid analysis.
Noise Path Analysis - Determine structure-borne transmission paths, rank individual paths, and evaluate noise sources.
Built in Programming Language - for automating repetitive tasks.

Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.


B&K TEST for I-DEAS 6.6r1

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B&K TEST for I-DEAS 6.6r1